Key Features

  • Barbel are extremely good at picking out smells in the water
  • They are constantly searching for food to give them more energy
  • 3 things that barbel simply cannot resist in one bag of groundbait
  • Designed to give you the best possible chance of attracting barbel
  • Fishmeal, Hempseed and Meat Extracts
  • This is a strong, meaty smelling groundbait
  • Packed full of top quality ingredients to attract barbel
  • It is a sticky mix, that will stay in your feeder for longer
  • Allowing flavour to leak off into the river, with little feed amount
  • This way the barbel wont get pre-occupied on your feed
  • They will simply find your hookbait quicker

Sonubaits Barbel Groundbait - 2kg